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Extracting customizations

Once you complete developing extensions, you must bring all the extensions together before it can be deployed.

Before you begin

Assume that you are adding all extensions under the <runtime>/extensions folder before extracting it using the developer toolkit.


  1. Add UI extensions.
    1. Create the store-extensions-src folder within the <runtime>/extensions/isf/webpages/storesrc folder.
    2. Copy app folder from <WORKSPACE>/store-frontend/store-extensions-src to <runtime>/extensions/isf/webpages/storesrc/store-extensions-src
    3. Copy assets folder from <WORKSPACE>/store-frontend/store-extensions-src/ to <runtime>/extensions/isf/webpages/storesrc/store-extensions-src
    4. Copy styles_extn.scss file from <WORKSPACE>/store-frontend/store-extensions-src/ to <runtime>/extensions/isf/webpages/storesrc/store-extensions-src
    Note: Before building the EAR, ensure that all the Sterling Store Engagement related extensions are added to the isf folder under the extensions folder.
    Currently, the minification capability while building EAR is supported only on Linux® environments. Therefore, if you are deploying content in the developer toolkit environment that runs on Windows or macOS, then you must manually minify the files and add them in the customization package. To accomplish this task, perform the following steps:
    1. Run the yarn ear-build-prod command in the <store_temp> directory which generates the minified files under the<store_temp>/dist folder.
      Note: Pass -Dskipangularminification=true while building EAR (set AP_SKIP_ANGULAR_MINIFICATION=true in the file in the docker-compose based developer toolkit environment.)
    2. Copy the contents of the <store_temp>/dist directory to the <runtime>/extensions/isf/webpages/store directory.
  2. Add JSP extensions (if any) to the <runtime>/extensions/isf/webpages/storejsps/ directory.
  3. Add mashup extensions to the <runtime>/extensions/isf/webpages/mashupxmls/ directory.


At the end of this activity, your extension package should look as follows:

<runtime>/extensions/isf/webpages/store/<minified files>
Note: This is applicable only if you are deploying your application in a non-Linux environment and hence have manually minified the files.

What to do next

Export your customization
Deploy your customization