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Best practices and sample code

You can follow the best practices and refer the sample code in this section while customizing the application.

Include the following 2 static properties in the store-customization-impl.ts file without changing their default access modifiers. Failing to do so would result in build failure of customization files. Any new properties added in store-customization-impl.ts would be ignored.
static featureModuleExtensionRoutes: Routes = [];

	  static extensionPersonaConfigList: IPersonaConfig[] = [];

A sample store-customization-impl.ts file is as follows:
export class StoreCustomizationImpl extends StoreCustomizationBase {

static featureModuleExtensionRoutes: Routes = [
            path: 'user',
            loadChildren: './../features/user/user.module#UserModule'

    static extensionPersonaConfigList: IPersonaConfig[] = [

            personaName: 'User_Management',
            personaIconClass: 'app-icon-inventory_mgmt_20',
            portlets: [
                    portletTitleBundleKey: 'userPortlet.TITLE_UserPortlet',
                    portletSequenceNumber: 4,
                    portletComponent: UserComponent,
                    portletTID: 'userPortlet',
                    resourceId: 'ISF000003'

Note: Any changes to store-customization-impl.ts requires a server restart.