Next-generation platform

Pick orders

You, as a store associate, can pick products that belong to an order from the backroom of a store and do the appropriate tasks to fulfill the order.

You can pick the products from a designated location and scan their serial numbers or SKU to record the backroom pick. You can perform backroom pick for walk-in, pickup, and shipping orders.

For pickup orders, you can pick up an online order and place the products in a staging location initially. Later, the products are placed in the store-front to be picked up by the customer.

For shipping orders, you can pick up and place the products in a drop-off location for packing, which is later picked up by a carrier.

In case of stores that do not have Store Inventory Management (SIM) enabled, you can perform shipment-based backroom pick for pickup in store and ship from store orders. For more information, see Picking products in Store Inventory Management (SIM)-disabled stores.