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Batch picking

As a store associate, you can use batch picking to simultaneously pick multiple orders in an optimal way without having to walk through the zones or departments multiple times.

Products belonging to different orders might be spread across multiple departments in a backroom. In the traditional approach of picking products, you complete the pick procedure for one order at a time and repeat the same for each order. This process is laborious and time consuming.

Batch picking is a process by which you can pick products that belong to the same order or different orders in batches, sort the orders, and place them in the appropriate staging locations. It minimizes the number of visits to a department and reduces the total time that you spend on the task by maximizing pick quantities and minimizing the distance traveled. This process increases your efficiency and in turn expedites the store operations.

Sterling Store Engagement generates batches automatically according to the preconfigured batch-picking configurations. A batch can be created based on different configured criteria such as departments, number of orders, SLAs, and business needs. For example, products that can be collected from the same department, but belonging to different orders, can be grouped in a batch. By default, the batches are listed based on the SLA. This helps you to determine which batch is of highest priority and can immediately pick these products to fulfill high priority orders. The products in a batch are displayed according to the configured pick sequence. The application also supports handling shortages of products during the batch pick process. In batch picking, the picked products can be sorted into different orders while picking or during staging.

Sort while pick

You can use the sort while pick method to pick the products in a batch and simultaneously sort and place the products different totes. Each tote is associated with an order in the batch. The totes are then deposited at a staging location. For large orders, the picked products can go into multiple totes.

Sort after pick

In the case of sort after pick method, you pick the products first. After picking all the products in the batch, the picked products are sorted into different orders during the staging process. The products are not placed into order-specific totes during the picking process.

Shipment-based batch picking in Store Inventory Management (SIM)-disabled stores

In case of stores that do not have Store Inventory Management (SIM) enabled, you can perform shipment-based batch picking for pick up and ship from store orders. For more information, see Picking products in batches based on shipments in Store Inventory Management (SIM)-disabled stores.