Legacy platform

Hot keys

You can do certain tasks quickly by using the hot keys.

In browsers such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, you can customize the messages that are displayed when you use the hot keys such as F5, Esc, and Backspace by using the bundles.js file that is present in the <INSTALL_DIR>\repository\eardata\platform_uifwk\dojo_framework\10\war\platform\scripts\sc\plat\dojo\bundle\nls directory. For languages other than English, you can find the bundles.js file in the respective folder under the nls folder. The browsers also append default text to the information from the bundle file. For example, you can set the value of the CONFIRM_EXIT_NON_DIRTY attribute in the bundles.js file to display a message that states "You may lose the current view information. Are you sure you want to continue?". Additionally, as a default behavior the browser appends a message that states "Are you sure you want to leave this page?".

However, the messages in the bundles.js file are not considered when you use the hot keys on Firefox.