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Defining a bundle entry for a new custom portlet

You can define a new bundle entry for a new custom portlet.


  1. The bundle entries for portlets are defined in: <WORKSPACE>/store-frontend/src/assets/store-frontend/i18n/home/en.json
    When defining a bundle entry for new portlet, you need to add the entries in the following location: BUNDLE_EXTENSIONS_HOME/home/en.json. Create an appropriate folder (home) and file (en.json), if not already present.
  2. Define a nested JSON object in the BUNDLE_EXTENSIONS_HOME/home/en.json file based on the portlet name.
        “userPortlet”: {
                    “TITLE_UserPortlet”: “User”,

    You can then access the value by using the dot notation, in an HTML or TS file as follows: userPortlet.TITLE_UserPortlet