Legacy platform

General printing behavior

The generic details about print actions on mobile and web versions of the application are described in this topic.

Printing from a mobile device or from any version of Microsoft Internet Explorer opens a new browser window displaying the document in the HTML format. The store associate must then use the "Print" option in the browser's menu bar.

Desktop printing

Printing from a desktop browser (other than Microsoft Internet Explorer) immediately displays the print dialog.

Mobile printing

A store associate can print only the carrier labels and packing slips using the mobile version of the application.

On a mobile device, a document is printed from the application by using a pop-up window on all browsers except Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer as the browser on any mobile device, the print document is loaded in the current screen. The store associate must use the native print options to print the document. To close the print document, the store associate must use the native back option on the mobile, which displays the previous screen.
Note: If you are using a third-party application to print the document, you must ensure that the application can print the web pages that require authentication.