Next-generation platform

Extracting customizations

After you complete the development of extensions, you must bring all the extensions together before it can be deployed.


  1. Add UI extensions.
    • Generate the customization artifacts that contains minified files and assets such as translation bundles, config JSONs, and so on in the <store-temp>/dist directory by running the following command:
      yarn build-extensions
      Note: Before you run this command, ensure that <store-temp>/dist directory is empty. The 'dist' directory is automatically created, if not present.
    • The <store-temp>/dist directory contain the customization artifacts to be packaged in the customization jar. Copy the contents of the <store-temp>/dist directory to <runtime>/extensions/isf/webpages/ directory.
      Note: The changes for import-map.json and routes.json is valid only for extracting customizations. Revert the changes, and then run the following command:
      yarn start-app
  2. Add JSP extensions, if any to the <runtime>/extensions/isf/webpages/storejsps/ directory.
  3. Add mashup extensions to the <runtime>/extensions/isf/webpages/mashupxmls/ directory.
    Note: Do not customize JSP extensions. In case you want to customize JSP extensions, contact IBM Support.


Your store extensions directory will be as follows:
  • <runtime>/extensions/isf/webpages/store-frontend/
  • <runtime>/extensions/isf/webpages/mashupxmls/
  • <runtime>/extensions/isf/webpages/storejsps/

What to do next

After the extensions are copied to the extracted <runtime>, export and deploy the customizations. For more information about updating custom extensions, Update custom extensions in containerized developer toolkit environment.