Legacy platform

Rebranding the application

You can rebrand the application and change the company logo in the banner and the About box. You can also change the product name across the application.

  1. You can re-brand the application in the following ways:
    • Change one or all of the following images:
      • Logo on the application banner
      • Brand logo in the About box
      • Application icon on browser tab
      To change the images, refer the procedures described in Quick CSS customization or Working with themes. Alternatively, you can replace the images in the following path:<Runtime>/extensions/wsc/webpages/ngstore/store/style/themes/<theme_name>/images/, build, and test your changes.
    • Product name across the application: You can modify the globals.TITLE_Product_name bundle entry in the extn.nls.json file appropriately. For more information, refer the "Overriding existing bundle entries" section in Support for localization.
    • Application name on browser tab: You can override the default product name by modifying the WSC_Product_Name bundle entry in the extnbundle.properties file appropriately.
  2. Test your customizations.