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Canceling count tasks

As a store manager, you can cancel an open count task.

About this task

You can cancel count tasks that are in NOT_STARTED or IN_PROGRESS statuses. Count tasks that are finished or finished with variance cannot be canceled. On cancellation, the status of the count task changes to CANCELED.


  1. Log in to Sterling Store Engagement.
  2. From the application menu, select Inventory management.
  3. In the More tasks portlet, click Cycle count.
  4. Click the count corresponding to Need action.
  5. Open the count task that you want to cancel.
  6. Click Cancel task.
  7. Select a reason for canceling this task and click OK.
    Note: To select the reason codes for canceling a task, you must have configured the reason codes by using the reason-codes API with the activities attribute as COUNT.
    The count request summary is updated to display the count of canceled count task.