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Guidelines for JSP extensibility

This topic provides general guidelines for JSP extensibility. However, it is not applicable to the login and logout JSPs.

The store-container.jsp is the main JSP for the entire AngularJS Sterling Store Engagement application. It loads all the required JS, HTML and CSS files and calls all the required mashups and populates the output in the appropriate providers. It includes different JSPs that take over these individual tasks. This JSP also contains the main layout of the HTML content rendered on the page as header, main content and footer. The store-container.jsp file also includes store-extn-include.jsp, which is meant to add custom extensions and thus does not contain any content by default.
  • Overriding store-container.jsp is not recommended and it should not contain any custom code.
  • Since the store-extn-include.jsp file is imported last in the store-container.jsp file, you can use it in the following manner:
    • Add new mashup calls, validations, rules and populate your own custom providers with the new data.
    • Change or override the default values for providers.
  • The store-extn-include.jsp should be placed in the <wscdevwar>/extn/ngstore/jsps/ directory.
  • If you are using third-party libraries, then you must add them in store-extn-include.jsp to ensure ease of upgrade.