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Server-side InitController component

The server-side InitController component is an XML file with mashup reference definition.

The following table describes the elements of the server-side InitController component.
Table 1. Server-side InitController component elements
Server-side InitController component elements Description
className Provides logic to run mashups and security component for mashup references. By default, the value is set to
controllerId A unique identifier for a controller. By default, the value is set to screenId+InitController.
requestMethodSupported Provides support for HTTP method. The default value is set to POST.
screenId The screen identifier.
Group Element/isAggregator Set the value of this element to Y to aggregate the mashup calls for InitController.
MashupRef/mashupId Indicates the identifier of the mashup for which this reference is created.
MashupRef/mashupRefId Indicates the unique identifier within a controller.
permissionId Indicates the permission identifier to verify the mashup before you call the mashup.
ChildController/controllerId Indicates the Initcontroller identifier for all the child screens.

The ChildController is called along with the parent screen controller.

ChildController/screenId Indicates the screen identifier of a child screen.

The following example provides a sample InitController XML file:

    requestMethodSupported="POST" screenId="wsc.shipment.customerpickup.CustomerIdentification">
    <Group isAggregator="Y"/>
        <MashupRef mashupId="common_getCustomerVerificationMethodList"
            mashupRefId="getCustomerVerificationMethodList" permissionId=""/>
        <MashupRef mashupId="customerpickup_getSortedShipmentDetails"
            mashupRefId="getCustomerPickSortedShipmentDetails"  permissionId=""/>