Next-generation platform

Identifying the customer

A store associate must be able to identify a customer by searching the existing records or be able to add a new customer, if required.
When you click Identify customer from the View cart page, the Identify customer page is displayed with the following tabs:
  • Existing customer
  • New customer

Existing customer

  • You can search the existing customers by first name, last name, phone number, or email address. Partial search for phone number and email address us also supported. The getCompleteCustomerList API is called to search all existing customers.
  • The search results are paginated with 10 records at a time. You can scroll through the page to load more records.
  • If no record is found while searching, a message is displayed and you can modify the search criteria.
  • The default shipping address, if available, is displayed. Otherwise, other associated addresses, if any, are displayed. You can select another address if available, or add a new address by clicking Add new address.
  • If a new address is added and Billing address is selected, the address is added as PersonInfoBillTo to the order. Else, the Sterling Order Management System API adds BillToKey by selecting the default billing address of the selected customer, if present.
  • After you identify the customer correctly and click OK, the modifyFulfillmentOptions API is called to add the customer details to the order. If an address is associated with the customer account, that address is automatically considered as the shipping address for the order. If the store associate edits the shipping address in the Edit delivery method page, the change is made only for that order and is not saved to the customer account.
  • If an order contains any ship line and no address is available for the selected customer, a warning message is displayed and the order cannot be placed.
  • If an order does not contain any ship line, then you can select the customer without address but if you select the address once, a warning message is displayed and the OK button is disabled.

New customer

  • If no record is found for a customer or if a customer is new, you can select the New customer tab to add a customer and to save an address.
  • When a store associate fills in a few of the address fields for the customer and leaves the rest of the fields blank, the following logic is used:
    • If the region schema is defined for an organization, the city and state fields are automatically populated when you enter the postal code.
    • When you click OK, the verifyAddress API is called. If the YCDVerifyAddressWithAVSUE user exit is configured, then the address is validated.

      If the address is not valid, or there are multiple addresses found that match the input address, you have the option to modify the invalid address or select the correct address from the list of matching addresses.

    • After you select a valid address, the manageCustomer API is called to add the new customer and the corresponding address is added to the customer with IsShipTo=Y.
    • While adding an address, if shipping address is checked, the new address is saved as isDefaultShipTo='Y' and isShipTo='Y' address of that customer.
  • On adding a customer to an order:
    • BillToID is added as CustomerID if present.
    • PersonInfoBillTo is added if IsDefaultBillTo='Y'.
    • PersonInfoShipTo is added as a selected address.
    • PersonInfoBillTo is passed empty if the selected address is not PersonInfoBillTo so that the Sterling Order Management System API adds BillToKey by selecting the default billing address of the selected customer, if present.
  • The modifyFulfillmentOptions API is called to add the customer details to the order.
  • After the modifyFulfillmentOptions API call succeeds, the getCompleteOrderDetails API is called to display the customer name in the order.
  • You can change the customer by using the Change customer link, and then searching for existing records or by adding a new customer.
  • Click the customer name to modify the existing shipping address, add a new address, or select another shipping address. The modified address is used only for the current order and is not saved in customer records.

In case you want to change customer, you have the option to select from an existing customer or to create a new customer.

To choose another address, you get a list of address of the selected customer from which you can select the correct address. You can also add a new address for the customer and select it. The option to choose another address is available only after the customer is identified on the order, that is the order has a valid BillToID.