Legacy platform

Marking an appointment complete

You can close the completed appointments by marking them complete from the Appointment Summary screen.


  1. Log on to Sterling Store Engagement and switch to the Customer Service View by using the eye icon.
  2. In the More Tasks portlet, click Appointments. The Appointments portlet opens.
  3. Navigate to the Appointment Summary screen of the appointments that you want to mark as complete.
    For more information, see Viewing appointments.
  4. From the Appointment Summary screen, click Mark as complete on the More menu.
    The Mark as complete window opens.
    • If there is a single appointment, click OK. The appointment is marked complete.
    • If there are multiple appointments, select the appointment that you want to mark as complete and then click OK.
    Note: You can mark an appointment as complete only when the current date and time are past the scheduled date and time slot of the appointment.