Legacy platform

Creating appointments

You can create an appointment from the Appointments portlet on the home page, Store appointments screen, or the Appointments screen in the customer context.


  1. Log on to Sterling Store Engagement and switch to the Customer Service View by using the eye icon.
  2. In the More Tasks portlet, click Appointments. The Appointments portlet opens.
  3. Click Create Appointment. The Select Service screen opens.
  4. In the Add Services panel, select the required service to view its details. Alternatively, you can search to find the required service.
  5. Click the + button corresponding to the service for which you want to create an appointment.
    Similarly, you can add more services.
  6. In the instructions text box, enter the instructions that should be referred or followed while providing the service.
  7. Click Continue. The Select Date and Time screen opens.
  8. Select the date when the customer needs an appointment for a service.
    By default, the current day is selected in the calendar and the slot groups are displayed for the current day.
  9. Expand the appropriate slot group such as Morning, Afternoon or Evening and select the required time slot.
    For example, if a customer wants a particular service at 9 AM in the morning on a given day, then select the appropriate day on the calendar, expand the Morning time slot and then select 9: 00 AM. When the time slot is selected, the bottom panel is updated with the provided service name, selected day, time slot and the current store.
    • If a service is unavailable in the current store on the current date, an appropriate message is displayed prompting you to select either a different store or date.
    • If you select a date when the service is not available at the current store, an appropriate message is displayed prompting you to select a different date or store.
    • If you select a store that does not provide the service on a given date, an appropriate message is displayed prompting you to select a different store or date.
    • If you attempt to select a date that is beyond the maximum number of days allowed for scheduling appointments, an appropriate message is displayed and previously selected date is considered.
    Select Store
    1. Click the store link in the bottom panel. The Select Store window opens.
    2. Perform one of the following tasks:
      • If the required store is listed in the Nearby Store tab, select the store and then click Select Store.
      • If the store is not listed in the Nearby Stores tab, open the Search Stores tab. Enter appropriate details in the search criteria fields and then click Search. The stores that match the search criteria are displayed. Select the appropriate store and then click Select Store

        To filter the stores with a certain radius, use the slider.

    If a service is available at a given store, the business hours of that store is displayed, else an appropriate text is displayed.

    You can use < and > to navigate to a service and then repeat steps 8 and 9 for each service. If the customer decides not to avail a service, click Remove. On confirmation, the service is removed. However, an appointment should have at least one service. Otherwise, an appropriate message is displayed.

  10. Click Continue. On success, the Identify Customer screen opens.
    If the store associate clicks Continue without selecting a time slot for a service, an appropriate message is displayed.
  11. Search for an existing customer and select the customer. If the customer does not already exist in the system, create a new customer.
    The newly created customer is automatically selected.
  12. Click Finish.
    The appointment is successfully created and the Appointment Summary screen opens.
  13. Click Done to return to home page.