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View-Alert registration

After you create new components for custom alert types, you must associate them with the Order fulfillment (Order_Fulfillment) view.

  • Sterling Store Engagement supports creating new alerts only for the Order fulfillment view. Any custom alerts should be grouped under Order fulfillment.
  • Support for adding alerts to other views such as Inventory management and Customer service will be supported in subsequent releases.
  • A registry mechanism is provided to register custom alert types and also to override the default alert type.
  • A static property extensionAlertConfig in the store-customization-impl.ts file must be updated for a custom alert type and also for out-of-the-box alert types that must be overridden.
  • A sample JSON specification for various properties of a view and alert configuration is as follows:
            alertConfigList: [
                    personaName: 'Order_Fulfillment',
                    personaAlertResourceId: 'ISF000035',
                    alertTypes: [
                         tid: 'YCD_HOT_PICK',
                         exceptionType: 'YCD_HOT_PICK',
                         component: HotPickAlertComponent,
                         mashupId: 'isf.alerts.getPickRequestByShipmentNo',
                         descBundleKey: 'alerts.LABEL_HighPriority'
            includeAlertsOwnedByUsersOrganization: ResponseEnum.No
Table 1. Supported attributes for JSON specification
Attribute Mandatory/Optional Description
alertConfigList {JSON Array} Optional JSON configuration for defining view - alert type grouping.
personaName {String} Mandatory Name of a view (persona) that is defined in Sterling Business Center. It corresponds to the CodeName for the CommonCode CodeType WSC_HOMEPAGE_PERSONA. It is used to group the alerts with the specific view.
Note: Alerts grouping is supported only with Order_Fulfillment view.
personaAlertResourceId {String} Optional Resource permission for viewing alerts grouped under a specific view.
alertTypes {JSON Array} Mandatory JSON configuration for various properties of the alert.
tid {String} Mandatory Unique identifier for the component.
exceptionType {String} Mandatory type of exception.
component {Component} Optional Class name of the alert component.
additionalDataMashupId {String} Optional MashupId to be invoked to add data that is user interface-specific.
descBundleKey {String}   Description bundle key of the alert.
includeAlertsOwnedByUsersOrganization {ResponseEnum}   Attribute, when set to ResponseEnum.Yes (Y), alerts are shown for alert types owned by users organization