Overview of IBM Spectrum Scale

IBM Spectrum Scale is a cluster file system that provides concurrent access to a single file system or set of file systems from multiple nodes. The nodes can be SAN-attached, network attached, a mixture of SAN-attached and network attached, or in a shared nothing cluster configuration. This enables high-performance access to this common set of data to support a scale-out solution or to provide a high availability platform.

IBM Spectrum Scale has many features, beyond common data access, including data replication, policy-based storage management, and multi-site operations. You can create a cluster of AIX® nodes, Linux® nodes, Windows server nodes, or a mix of all three. IBM Spectrum Scale can run on virtualized instances that provides common data access in environments, use logical partitioning, or other hypervisors. Multiple IBM Spectrum Scale clusters can share data within a location or across wide area network (WAN) connections.