Introducing IBM Storage Scale RAID

This topic describes the basic concepts, features, and functions of IBM Storage Scale RAID: redundancy codes, end-to-end checksums, data declustering, and administrator configuration, including recovery groups, declustered arrays, virtual disks, and virtual disk NSDs.

IBM Storage Scale RAID is a software implementation of storage RAID technologies within IBM Storage Scale. Using conventional dual-ported disks in a JBOD configuration, IBM Storage Scale RAID implements sophisticated data placement and error-correction algorithms to deliver high levels of storage reliability, availability, and performance. Standard GPFS file systems are created from the NSDs defined through IBM Storage Scale RAID.

IBM Storage Scale RAID is available with the IBM Elastic Storage® Server (ESS) 5.1 for Power®. ESS is a high-capacity, high-performance storage solution that combines IBM® Power Systems servers, storage enclosures, drives, software (including IBM Storage Scale RAID), and networking components. ESS uses a building-block approach to create highly scalable storage for use in a broad range of application environments.