REGISTER LICENSE (Register a new license)

Use this command to register new licenses for server components, including IBM® Storage Protect (base), IBM Storage Protect Extended Edition, and IBM Storage Protect for Data Retention.

Licenses are stored in enrollment certificate files. The enrollment certificate files contain licensing information for the server product. The NODELOCK file preserves the licensing information for your installation. Your license agreement determines what you are licensed to use, even if you cannot use the REGISTER LICENSE command to register all components. You are expected to comply with the license agreement and use only what you have purchased. Use of the REGISTER LICENSE command implies that you agree to and accept the license terms specified in your license agreement.

  • Before upgrading from a previous version of IBM Storage Protect, you must delete or rename the NODELOCK file.
  • To unregister licenses, you must erase the NODELOCK file in the server instance directory of your installation, and reregister any previously registered licenses.
  • You cannot register licenses for IBM Storage Protect for Mail, IBM Storage Protect for Databases, IBM Storage Protect for ERP, and IBM Storage Protect for Space Management.

To generate a report that can help you understand the license requirements for your system, run the QUERY PVUESTIMATE command. The report contains estimates of the number of client devices and PVU totals for server devices. The estimates are not legally binding.

Privilege class

To issue this command, you must have system privilege.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramREGister LICenseFILE= tsmbasic.lictsmee.licdataret.lic*.lic


Specifies the name of the enrollment certificate file containing the license to be registered. The specification can contain a wildcard (*). Enter the complete file name or a wildcard in place of the file name. The file names are case-sensitive. The following values can be used:
To license base IBM Storage Protect.
To license IBM Storage Protect Extended Edition. This includes the disaster recovery manager, large libraries, and NDMP.
To license IBM Storage Protect for Data Retention. This is required to enable Data Retention Protection as well as Expiration and Deletion Suspension (Deletion Hold).
To license all IBM Storage Protect licenses for server components.

Example: Register a license

Register the base IBM Storage Protect license.
register license file=tsmbasic.lic

Related commands

Table 1. Commands related to REGISTER LICENSE
Command Description
AUDIT LICENSES Verifies compliance with defined licenses.
QUERY LICENSE Displays information about licenses and audits.
QUERY PVUESTIMATE Displays processor value unit estimates.
QUERY STATUS Displays the settings of server parameters, such as those selected by the SET commands.
SET LICENSEAUDITPERIOD Specifies the number of days between automatic license audits.