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Compression and encryption backup processing

Consider the following information if you want to include specific files or groups of files for compression and encryption processing during a backup or archive operation.

  • You must set the compression option to yes to enable compression processing. If you do not specify the compression option or you set the compression option to no, the backup-archive client does not perform compression processing.
  • The client processes exclude.fs, exclude.dir, and other include-exclude statements first. The client then considers any include.compression and include.encrypt statements. For example, consider the following include-exclude list:
    exclude /home/jones/proj1/file.txt
    include.compression /home/jones/proj1/file.txt
    include.encrypt /home/jones/proj1/file.txt

    The client examines the exclude /home/jones/proj1/file.txt statement first and determines that /home/jones/proj1/file.txt is excluded from backup processing and is, therefore, not a candidate for compression and encryption processing.

  • Include-exclude compression and encryption processing is valid for backup and archive processing only.
  • Client encryption with the include.encrypt option is no longer supported for LAN-free backup and archive operations to the IBM® Storage Protect server 8.1.1 and later levels, or IBM Storage Protect7.1.8 and later version 7 levels. LAN-free restore and retrieve operations of encrypted backup versions and archive copies continue to be supported. If you need to encrypt data by using the include.encrypt option, in which data is encrypted before it is sent to the server, use LAN-based backup or archive operations.