What's new in IBM Storage Insights

New features and enhancements are available in the Q3 2022 update of IBM® Storage Insights and IBM Storage Insights Pro.

IBM is constantly updating the infrastructure, security, and stability of IBM Storage Insights to improve your experience. Enhanced analytics, troubleshooting capabilities, and more robust data collection are built in to this update, so the IBM Support team can better assist you in monitoring your storage environment.

Additionally, the following key features are included in this update:

More frequent capacity updates for better planning with DS8000 storage systems

Let's face it, in today's storage environments, capacity can be consumed at lightning speeds, and keeping a closer eye on your used capacity is critical to your operations.

You can now collect used capacity values for DS8000® storage systems and their pools more frequently than ever before! Out of the box, these values are collected once every hour, but IBM can help you further customize that interval to suit the needs of your environment.

With this turbo boost to metadata collection, you can better monitor how fast pools are changing and take more timely action to optimize their capacity. Getting hourly insights into used capacity can also help you understand daily trends and avoid storage shortages before they occur.

To view the Used Capacity of DS8000 storage systems, go to the following pages:
  • Dashboards > Operations
  • Resources > Block Storage Systems
  • Resources > Block Storage Systems > details page > Overview
To view the Used Capacity of pools, go to the following pages:
  • Resources > Pools
  • Resources > Block Storage Systems > details page > Pools

For more information about metadata collection, see Checking the collection of metadata for devices.

Block storage systems page with used capacity

Details page for a DS8000 with the pool metadata

Picking the right log package for a ticket

Opening tickets and uploading log packages for your IBM Spectrum Virtualize devices is a key part of the integrated support experience in IBM Storage Insights. To enhance that experience, you can now select the specific log package (also known as a snap file) that you want to upload with a ticket.

While the ability to automatically create a log package with a ticket is still available, we understand that it might be helpful to select an existing one that better highlights the problem.

Now when you open or update a ticket, up to 10 existing log packages are available for you to select, starting with the most recent. Each log package is identified by its snap name and creation date so you can more easily select the right one. When you're ready, simply click the log package that you want to upload.
Opening a ticket and selecting to create a new log package
Opening a ticket and selecting an existing log package
Updating a ticket and selecting an existing log package

Don't forget to upgrade your data collectors

If the automatic upgrade option for data collectors is enabled, there is nothing that you need to do after IBM Storage Insights is updated. You can pick up right where you left off. 

If the automatic upgrade is not enabled, you might be notified to upgrade your data collectors so that you can benefit from all the new features and improvements. To upgrade the data collectors, ensure that you have the Administrator role and click the link in the notification message or select Data Collector from the Configuration menu and click Upgrade.

Upgrade data collectors