What's new in IBM Storage Insights

New features and enhancements are available in the Q3 2021 update of IBM® Storage Insights and IBM Storage Insights Pro.

IBM is constantly updating the infrastructure, security, and stability of IBM Storage Insights to improve your experience. Enhanced analytics, troubleshooting capabilities, and more robust data collection are built in to this update, so the IBM Support team can better assist you in monitoring your storage environment.

Enhancements to monitoring DS8000 storage systems

You can now view the status of the device and host adapters that are associated with DS8000 storage systems. In IBM Storage Insights Pro, you can also view information about the configuration and performance of an adapter. This information includes details about the I/O enclosures where it's located, its type, speed, DA pair, and more.

With performance metrics, you can identify adapters where high workloads might be causing bottlenecks. Other features, such as alerting and reporting, are also supported.

For example, if a DS8000 storage system is experiencing a heavy I/O load or low data rate, you can get alerted and take action before it affects the performance of the device.

View the status of the device and host adapters that are associated with DS8000 storage systems.

Viewing easy tier load for IBM Spectrum Virtualize devices

You can now view the easy tier load on managed disks in storage systems that run IBM Spectrum Virtualize. Use this value (low, medium, high, or very high) to identify the IOPS capability of the associated storage tier and fine-tune the utilization of backend storage. It can also help you troubleshoot performance issues, such as determining when the setting is incorrect for a managed disk because high workloads require a better tier.

Use alerts to be notified of issues related to easy tier load. For example, with a custom alert, you can be automatically notified when easy tier load is not configured for external managed disks that are added to a storage system.

View the easy tier load on managed disks in storage systems that run IBM Spectrum Virtualized devices.

Viewing capacity savings for your devices

How much capacity you save through compression technology is critical to helping ensure that you don't run out of space. You can now get a detailed view of your compressions savings over time so that you can monitor any dips in those savings that might cause unexpected capacity shortages.

From the Operations dashboard, simply select the storage system that you want to view and click View Capacity Savings to access the new Capacity Saving page. On this page, use the chart to visualize your savings over time for the compression technology that's being used. The handy Savings Summary section next to the chart provides more details about your pool and drive compression, deduplication, and thin-provisioning savings.

View details of compression savings over time for your devices.

Getting more insights into the capacity of file and object storage systems

Monitoring your file and object storage where space usage is growing and where you might need more capacity just got easier. You can now view a single capacity and space usage chart for multiple file or object storage systems. This chart can help you visualize capacity and usage trends across your storage systems based on the different time ranges and metrics that you select.

From the chart, you can also drill down into the internal resources of a storage system to chart their capacity trends. For file storage systems, you can view charts for file systems, filesets, pools, and volumes. For object storage systems with file storage enabled, you can view charts for filesets, file systems, and pools.

Get more insights into the capacity of file and object storage systems.

More flexibility for upgrading data collectors

You spoke and we listened. In some environments, upgrading applications and their components are governed by tight controls and strict schedules. The process of upgrading data collectors might fall within these rules for your organization. To help address these situations, you can now upgrade your data collectors individually for more granular control over which ones are upgraded, and when.

You can still manually upgrade all data collectors at the same time if that better suits your organization or just right-click a specific data collector and click Upgrade.

More flexibility for upgrading your data collectors.
Tip: Don't forget that if you enable automatic upgrades, IBM upgrades data collectors for you. To enable automatic upgrades, ensure that you have the Administrator role in IBM Storage Insights and set Automatic Upgrades to On.

Don't forget to upgrade your data collectors

If the automatic upgrade option for data collectors is enabled, there is nothing that you need to do after IBM Storage Insights is updated. You can pick up right where you left off. 

If the automatic upgrade is not enabled, you might be notified to upgrade your data collectors so that you can benefit from all the new features and improvements. To upgrade the data collectors, ensure that you have the Administrator role and simply click the link in the notification message or select Data Collector from the Configuration menu and click Upgrade.