Adding switches and fabrics

Add Brocade and Cisco switches and fabrics so that you can detect and investigate performance issues throughout your storage environment. You can follow the trail of storage requests through the components in the SAN fabric to the target storage systems.

Before you begin

Keep in the mind the following requirements before you add switches and fabrics for monitoring:
  • You must have the administrator role in IBM® Storage Insights. For more information about roles, see Adding and removing users.
  • You must add the IP address or switch name and credentials for all the chassis that host the switches in the fabric. If other chassis in the same fabric has the same username, password, protocol, and port they can be added automatically. Switches that are added automatically that do not have the supported firmware or that have different credentials are set to condition ‘Not Monitored’.
    Note: NPV mode switch chassis are not part of a fabric and must be added individually.

For more information about the requirements for adding Brocade and Cisco switches and fabrics, see the corresponding planning topics.