Opening, updating, and tracking IBM Support tickets

Get hardware and software issues resolved by opening and updating tickets for IBM® Support.

You can open tickets for the monitored IBM block storage systems in your environment. To help assist IBM Support in resolving issues, you can include a detailed description (up to 3,000 words), attach a file, and upload a new or existing log package.

The following table shows the tasks that you can do with tickets.

Task Steps
Open a ticket for a storage system
  1. Click Dashboards > Operations.
  2. Select a device, click Get Support, then click Create Ticket.

IBM Premium Support service: If you are eligible for Premium Support, it's recommended that you call IBM Support or open a support case at to access that service for your issue. Ensure that you have your Direct Access Code (DAC) number ready so IBM can best assist you.

Update a ticket with a new log package
  1. Click Dashboards > Operations.
  2. Select a device and click Get Support.
  3. Click Update Ticket.
  4. Select or type the ticket number that you want to update and complete the form.
View the ticket history for a storage system
  1. Click Dashboards > Operations.
  2. Click the Tickets tab.
  • When you open a ticket for a FlashSystem V9000, a hardware ticket is opened.
  • If the email address or phone number that you enter for a ticket (case) is different from your IBM Support profile, the information in the IBM Support profile is used for the case instead.
  • For storage systems that run IBM Spectrum Virtualize, you can select the specific warrantied enclosure or node where the problem occurred.
  • You can give IBM Support permission to collect and upload log packages for the resource without contacting you every time. To set this permission, click Configuration > Settings. Then click Edit in the IBM Support Log Permissions section.
  • The maximum size for attachments to a ticket is 20 MB. Log packages are separate from attachments because they are manually added from an existing log package or an automatically created log package and aren't restricted to 20 MB.
  • You can view the ticket history of resources. The closed tickets are listed on the left side of the Tickets section.
  • After you create or update a ticket, a task is added to the list of running tasks on the page banner. If the task fails, the task is added to the list of failed tasks on the page banner. You can retry or cancel tasks that failed.
  • You cannot open tickets for IBM Cloud Object Storage systems in IBM Storage Insights.

Watch a short video about how to open a ticket for an IBM storage system in IBM Storage Insights.