Creating customized dashboards to monitor your storage

You can create dashboards to selectively monitor particular storage systems in your environment. For example, you might want a dashboard for each of your data centers that monitors all of the storage systems in the data center and another dashboard for your production systems.

About this task

You select the storage systems you want to include in the dashboard and specify a name to create your customized dashboard.


  1. From the Custom Dashboard menu, click Create Custom Dashboard.
  2. Select the storage systems, such as a SAN Volume Controller and a FlashSystem V9000, that you want to include in the new dashboard.
  3. Specify a name for the dashboard, and click Create.
    The dashboard view is refreshed with the new dashboard, and only the storage systems you selected are displayed.
    • To add or remove storage systems, from the Custom Dashboard menu, click Edit Dashboard.
    • In a custom dashboard, if you add a storage system for monitoring and exit before the completion message is displayed, the custom dashboard will not include that storage system. After it's discovered and added for monitoring, you can view it in the All Storage Systems dashboard. To add the storage system to your custom dashboard, simply edit the dashboard.
    • Any custom dashboards that you create are visible to other users of the IBM® Storage Insights instance.