Product overview

Learn about the cloud services that IBM® Storage Insights and IBM Storage Insights Pro offer to monitor storage.

IBM Storage Insights is offered free of charge to customers who own IBM block storage systems. It is an IBM Cloud storage service that monitors IBM block storage.

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IBM Storage Insights Pro is the subscription-based offering of IBM Storage Insights. It expands the offering to include services such as alerts, performance troubleshooting, capacity planning, reclamation, and custom reports. And, in addition to monitoring IBM block storage, you can monitor IBM block, file, object, and software-defined storage (SDS) systems. You can also monitor non-IBM block and file storage systems, such as:
  • Dell EMC storage systems.
  • Hitachi storage systems.
  • NetApp storage systems.
  • Pure storage systems.
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These key features are common to both IBM Storage Insights and IBM Storage Insights Pro:
  • Dashboards
    • The NOC and the Operations dashboards, which help you to identify at a glance the IBM block storage systems in your storage environment that require attention.
    • The Switches dashboard and Fabrics dashboard, which provide you with diagnostic information for monitoring end-to-end connectivity, performance, and the health of your switches and fabrics.
    • The Notifications dashboard, which provides you with a single-pane view of Call Home events.
    • The Advisor, which provides you with recommendations on the remedial steps that can be taken to manage risk and resolve issues that might impact storage services.
  • Get Support
    • Integrated and streamlined support experience.
    • Seamless ticket management for your monitored devices. Open, update, and track tickets, and easily upload diagnostic information for more streamlined problem resolution.
The following features are exclusive to IBM Storage Insights Pro:
  • The Alerts dashboard that provides you with key information about the alerts that are generated, such as alert severity, and information about the resources that are affected.
  • Start of changeThe Storage as a Service dashboard that provide key insights to monitor your capacity usage, potential shortages, and billing overages on your STaaS subscription.End of change
  • Resource views of hosts, storage systems, and storage system resources such as pools and volumes that provide you with extensive inventory, capacity, and performance information. In the charts, you can compare and track storage usage and availability and you can compare and track key performance metrics.
  • Resource views that provide detailed information about all of the metadata that is collected for ESXi hosts and their virtual machines, Brocade and Cisco switches and fabrics.
  • Capacity, inventory, chargeback, and consumer reports that you can create and share by email with your colleagues.