Dashboards are a quick way to get insights into key aspects of your storage at a glance. Identify storage systems that need your attention, monitor notifications of events that occur on your devices, get an overview of your environment, and more. And you can also use dashboards for switches and fabrics to gain quick access to health, performance, and diagnostic information. Knowing which dashboards to view, and when, can help you find and resolve problems on your storage before they impact your business.

How to access dashboards: From the Dashboards menu, just click the dashboard that you want to view.
Table 1. Dashboards in IBM Storage Insights
What are you looking for Where to go IBM Storage Insights (free) IBM Storage Insights Pro (subscription)
The state of your storage environment (morning cup of coffee not included) Use the Operations dashboard to quickly see which storage systems require your attention. Checkmark Checkmark
Heads-up display Place the NOC dashboard on a dedicated screen and monitor changes on your storage systems at a glance. Checkmark Checkmark
Call Home events in the last 24 hours Use the Notifications dashboard to monitor the Call Home events for your devices. Checkmark Checkmark
Changes in the environment that are meaningful to you Use the Alerts dashboard to view, evaluate, and manage the alerts that you've configured, such as violations of performance and capacity thresholds.   Checkmark
Recommendations from IBM for keeping your storage environment healthy Use the Advisor dashboard in the Insights menu to view the risks, best practices, and tips based on an in-cloud analysis of your storage environment. Checkmark Checkmark
Summary view of switch health and performance Use the Switches dashboard to get a high-level view of switch health and performance. Checkmark Checkmark
Summary view of fabric health and performance Use the Fabrics dashboard to get a high-level view of fabric component health and performance. Checkmark Checkmark