Creating general groups and adding resources

When you create and associate storage resources with a general group, you can quickly view information about the group and its resources.

About this task

You can add the following resources and their internal resources to a general group:
  • Storage systems
  • Hosts
  • Other general groups

Only resources that you specifically add to a group are included as members of the group. For example, if you add a SAN Volume Controller, the internal resources of the SAN Volume Controller, such as volumes and pools, are not automatically added to the group. To add the volumes and pools, you must specifically select those resources and add them to the group.


To create a general group and add resources to the group, complete these steps:

  1. Take one of the following actions to go to the list page for the resource or group that you want to add:
    • To add top-level resources such as storage systems or hosts, go to the appropriate resource page. For example, to add hosts, in the menu bar, click Resources > Hosts.
    • To add internal resources of top-level resources, complete the following steps:
      1. Go to the resource list page for the top-level resource. For example, to add internal resources of a SAN Volume Controller, in the menu bar, click Resources > Block Storage Systems.
      2. Right-click the resource and click View Details.
      3. In the Internal Resources section, click the type of resource that you want to add, for example, volumes or pools.
    • To add general groups, in the menu bar, click Groups > General Groups.
  2. Right-click one or more resources or groups and click Add to General Group.
  3. Click Add to new group and specify a name and description for the new group.
  4. Optional: Customize the icon for a new group by clicking the existing icon and selecting another icon.
  5. Click Save.


You can now quickly view information about the resources in the general group hierarchy on the details page for the general group.