Getting started

Gain insights into the capacity, use of space, and performance of your storage systems and their storage resources. You can also gain insights into the status, health, and performance of your switches, fabrics, and Start of changeESXi hostsEnd of change.

Tip: To get a jump-start with IBM Storage Insights, check out the 2-page Getting Started Guide [PDF].

The data that is collected about your storage systems is analyzed and presented in charts that compare the activity of the storage systems, the capacity of the storage systems, and the performance of the storage systems. You are presented with views of the overall activity, capacity, and space usage of the storage systems and of the activity, capacity, and space usage of the resources of the storage system.

You can define criteria for tiering your storage and generate recommendations to determine the optimum placement of volumes and the tiers that are least used and most used. Based on the recommendations that are provided, you can determine which tiers meet the requirements of your storage environment and which tiers might require more storage resources.

You can scan your storage environment to identify volumes that are not being used. Based on the recommendations that are provided, you can reclaim the unused space and use your storage more efficiently.

For switches, the data that is collected is analyzed and presented in charts and you can see snapshots of switch and fabric performance, health, and configuration information. You can use charts that show current and historical performance information to help avoid glitches, reduce costs, and keep applications running at peak efficiency.

Start of changeYou can administer the vCenter Servers that are monitored by IBM Storage Insights. vCenter Servers are data sources that can monitor multiple ESXi hosts or hypervisors. Each ESXi host in turn host multiple virtual machines. To share information about capacity availability and usage, create host capacity reports. You can configure and refine the information that is included in the report to share with your team to monitor the ESXi hosts and make capacity planning decisions.End of change