Removing and uninstalling data collectors

Remove the data collectors that you are no longer using from the IBM Storage Insights GUI. If you don't want to use the data collector in the future, you must also uninstall it on the server or virtual machine.

About this task

To remove a data collector, you must:
  1. Remove the data collector entry in the IBM Storage Insights GUI. You must log in to the GUI as Administrator.
  2. Uninstall the data collector from the server or virtual machine.

    On Windows servers, you must log in as Administrator. On AIX® or Linux® servers, you must log in as root.

Warning: If you remove all the data collectors, IBM Storage Insights cannot receive the information that is needed to monitor your storage environment.


  1. In the IBM Storage Insights GUI, from the Configuration menu, click Data Collectors.
  2. Right-click one or more data collectors with a status of Not Connected.
  3. Click Remove.

    If you already uninstalled the data collectors from the servers, the removal is complete and you can skip the remaining steps.

  4. For each data collector that you are removing, log in to the server where you installed the data collector.
  5. Open a command window or shell and go to the data collector directory.
    The default directory for the data collector depends on the operating system:
    • Windows: DataCollector_windows
    • AIX: DataCollector_aix
    • Linux: DataCollector_linux_ix86
  6. Uninstall the data collector service.
    • For Windows operating systems, run the uninstallDataCollectorService.bat script.
    • For AIX or Linux operating systems, run the script.
  7. Delete the data collector directory.


The data collectors are removed from IBM Storage Insights.
Removing data collectors temporarily from IBM Storage Insights: To temporarily remove a data collector, stop the collector on the server or virtual machine and remove it from the GUI. Because the collector is still installed, you can restart it at any time to automatically re-add it to IBM® Storage Insights.