Metadata collection with multiple data collectors

You can deploy multiple data collectors to fail over to another data collector when a metadata collection fails or to optimize the metadata collection from data centers in different locations.

You add storage systems, switches, and fabrics to get valuable insights. To get those insights, you rely on the data collector, which collects the asset, configuration, capacity, and performance metadata from your data center for analysis and presentation in IBM® Storage Insights Pro.

You deploy multiple data collectors:
  • To fail over to an assigned standby data collector when the active data collector can't collect the metadata.
  • To avoid bandwidth, connectivity, network, or other potential performance issues when you collect metadata from data centers in different geographical regions.
Pro tip: To ensure the availability of metadata collection and to help balance workload, deploy and assign two or more data collectors on separate servers in each of your data centers.
Fail over

In this scenario, the data collector is deployed on two different servers in the same data center. If one of the data collectors fails, the assigned data collectors on standby are tested and the data collector with the fastest response time collects the metadata.

Data collector in each data center

In this scenario, two data collectors are deployed in two data centers that aren't connected over IP.

Tip: To help manage and troubleshoot the collection of metadata, specify the location of the resources that you add for monitoring. If you don't specify the location when you add storage resources, you can specify it later. From the Resources menu, select the type of resource, such as Block Storage Systems. Then, right-click the resources that you selected, and click Edit Propertices.