Capacity terminology changes

IBM® Storage is making the capacity terminology that is used in IBM Storage products consistent. In Q1 2020, the capacity terminology was made clearer and simpler across IBM Storage products, including IBM Storage Insights.

The following table lists the original capacity terms and the new terms:

Original terms New terms
(No existing term) Overhead Capacity
Allocated SAN Space Used SAN Capacity
Allocated Space Used Capacity, only on Block Storage Systems, Volumes, and Pools pages
Assigned SAN Space Mapped SAN Capacity
Assigned Volume Space Mapped Capacity
Available Disk Space Available Drive Capacity
Available File System Space Available File System Capacity
Available Pool Space Available Capacity
Available Repository Space Available Repository Capacity
Available Soft Space Available Soft Capacity
Available Space Available Capacity
Disk Capacity Capacity
Disk Space from name_storage_system Drive Capacity from name_storage_system
Effective Available Capacity Available Written Capacity
Effective Capacity Written Capacity Limit
Effective Unallocated Volume Space Available Volume Capacity
External Pool Used Space External Pool Used Capacity
External Used Space External Used Capacity
Effective Used Capacity Used Written Capacity
Enterprise HDD Available Space Enterprise HDD Available Capacity
File System Space from name_storage_system File System Capacity from name_storage_system
Inactive Used Space Inactive Used Capacity
Nearline HDD Available Space Nearline HDD Available Capacity
Overhead Space (Term removed)
Physical Allocation Used Capacity, only on Block Storage Systems, Volumes, and Pools pages
Pool Capacity Capacity
Raw Disk Capacity Raw Capacity
Reserved Pool Space Reserved Capacity
Soft Space Soft Capacity
Space Quota Capacity Quota
Tier 0 Flash Available Space Tier 0 Flash Available Capacity
Tier 1 Flash Available Space Tier 1 Flash Available Capacity
Total Capacity Capacity
Total Disk Capacity Capacity
Total Disk Space Drive Capacity
Total File System Capacity File System Capacity
Total Space Capacity
Total Volume Capacity Provisioned Capacity
Unallocatable Volume Space Overprovisioned Capacity
Unallocated Space Available Capacity
Unallocated Volume Space Available Volume Capacity
Unassigned Volume Space Unmapped Capacity
Unused Space Reserved Volume Capacity
Used Allocated Space (Term removed, use Used Capacity instead)
Used File System Space Used File System Capacity
Used Pool Space (Term removed, use Used Capacity instead)
Used Space (Term removed, use Used Capacity instead)
Virtual Allocation Provisioned Capacity
Volume Capacity Capacity
Written Space Written Capacity

For descriptions of new and existing capacity terms, see Capacity and space metrics.

Restriction: The capacity term changes do not apply to the reports that are available in the IBM Storage Insights GUI.