Disaster recovery with stretch cluster for Fusion Data Foundation

IBM Storage Fusion Data Foundation deployment can be stretched between two different geographical locations to provide the storage infrastructure with disaster recovery capabilities. When faced with a disaster, such as one of the two locations is either partially or fully not available, Fusion Data Foundation deployed on the OpenShift Container Platform deployment must be able to survive. This solution is available only for metropolitan spanned data centers with specific latency requirements between the servers of the infrastructure.
Note: Currently, you can deploy the stretch cluster solution where latencies do not exceed 5 milliseconds (ms) between the OpenShift Container Platform nodes in different locations, with a maximum round-trip time (RTT) of 10 ms. Contact IBM Support if you are planning to deploy with higher latencies.

The following diagram shows the simplest deployment for a stretched cluster:

Red Hat OpenShift nodes and Fusion Data Foundation daemons

In the diagram, the Fusion Data Foundation monitor pod that is deployed in the Arbiter zone has a built-in tolerance for the master nodes. The diagram shows the master nodes in each Data Zone that are required for a highly available OpenShift Container Platform control plane. Also, it is important that the OpenShift Container Platform nodes in one of the zones has network connectivity with the OpenShift Container Platform nodes in the other two zones.