/db2whrest/v1/bucket: GET

Gets information on all buckets that are supported.

Buckets influence the manner in which Data Cataloging groups data for search faceting and in the user interface widgets. The predefined bucket types that are supported are:
  • SizeRange
  • TimeSinceAccess
  • FileGroup
The following table shows which roles can access this REST API endpoint:
Table 1. Access by role
Data admin Data user Collection Admin Admin Service user

Synopsis of the request URL

curl -k -H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>' https://<spectrum_discover_host>/db2whrest/v1/buckets -X GET

Supported request types and response formats

Supported request types:
  • GET
Supported response formats:
  • JSON


  1. The following example shows how to get information on all the buckets that are supported by the bucket service.
    1. Submit the request:
      curl -k -H 'Authorization: Bearer <token> https://<spectrum_discover_host>/db2whrest/v1/buckets -X GET -H "Accept: application/json"
    2. The following response is returned.
          "data": "{\"type\": \"int\", \"source_field\": \"size\", \"ranges\": {\"extra small\": [0, 4096], \"small\": [4096, 1048576], \"extra large\": [1099511627776, \"INFINITY\"], \"large\": [1073741824, 1099511627776], \"medium\": [1048576, 1073741824]}, \"name\": \"SizeRange\"}",
          "name": "SizeRange"
          "data": "{\"ranges\": {\"1 year+\": [365, \"INFINITY\"], \"1 quarter\": [30, 90], \"1 year\": [90, 365], \"1 month\": [7, 30], \"1 week\": [0, 7]}, \"source_field\": \"atime\", \"type\": \"date\", \"name\": \"TimeSinceAccess\"}",
          "name": "TimeSinceAccess"
          "name": "FileGroup",
          "data": "{\"name\": \"FileGroup\", \"type\": \"list\", \"ranges\": {\"pdf\": [\"pdf\"], \"doc\": [\"doc\", \"docx\", \"odt\"], \"xls\": [\"xls\", \"xlsm\", \"xlsx\", \"ods\"], \"image\": [\"jpg\", \"jpeg\", \"png\", \"gif\", \"tif\"], \"ppt\": [\"pptx\", \"ppt\", \"pps\", \"odp\"], \"compressed\": [\"zip\", \"tar\", \"gz\", \"z\", \"7z\", \"xz\"], \"text\": [\"txt\", \"rtf\"], \"audio\": [\"mp3\", \"wav\"], \"video\": [\"mp4\", \"mov\", \"mpg\", \"mkv\"], \"medical_image\": [\"img\", \"hdr\", \"nii\", \"mnc\", \"dcm\"], \"genomics\": [\"bam\", \"sam\", \"vcf\"], \"semi_structured\": [\"csv\", \"tsv\", \"avro\", \"json\", \"xml\", \"parquet\"]}, \"source_field\": \"filetype\"}"