/auth/v1/token: GET

Gets authentication token for the user.

The following table shows which roles can access this REST API endpoint:
Table 1. Access by role
Data admin Data user Collection Admin Admin Service user

Synopsis of the request URL

Users from an external LDAP or COS domain must include domain name in the user name as <domain>/<user> to get an authentication token.

curl -k -u ldap/user1:pass https://<spectrum_discover_host>/auth/v1/token -v 
curl -k -u cos/user1:pass https://<spectrum_discover_host>/auth/v1/token -v 
curl -k -u cos/<access_key_id>:<secret_key> https://<spectrum_discover_host>/auth/v1/token -v 

Without specifying domain name as part of user name:

curl -k -u user1:pass https://<spectrum_discover_host>/auth/v1/token -v 
Note: When using curl, add the -v parameter to see the response headers that contain the token.

Supported request types and response formats

Supported request types:
  • GET
Supported response formats:
  • JSON

Default response data is in CSV format. For results in JSON format, use the "Accept: application/json" header.


The following example shows a request and the corresponding response.

Request that contains domain as part of the user name:
curl -k -u ldap/user1:pass https://<spectrum_discover_host>/auth/v1/token -v
Request that does not contain domain as part of the user name:
curl -k -u user1:pass https://<spectrum_discover_host>/auth/v1/token -v


< HTTP/1.0 200 OK
< X-Auth-Token: gAAAAABbUdgLOLk67Zk_XQO0bbJt_qe4suz449m7XLM-D6e0jUzDxBW574L38y5xF5y3wc-
< Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
< Content-Length: 0
< Server: Werkzeug/0.14.1 Python/2.7.5
< Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2018 12:39:39 GMT

You need to use the token that is obtained in the previous step to access the services offered by IBM Spectrum® Discover.

The following example shows how to use the token that is obtained to get the list of from the policy engine:

curl -v -k -H ‘Authorization: Bearer gAAAAABbUdgLOLk67Zk_XQO0bbJt_qe4suz449m7XLM-