This section answers questions related to networking in IBM Storage Fusion HCI System.

  1. Each node has one dual port ConnectX-6 and one dual port Connect X-4. Are there two cards of each?
    There is one card of each.

  2. Is any of this information in stage 1 network setup screen auto-populated? Must the Service Support Representative (SSR) get this information from the TDA or other planning worksheets?
    Some of the fields are auto-populated, and most of the information should come from the TDA worksheets.

  3. Are the connectors to the customer switches DAC or AOC or QSFP?
    Both DAC and AOC cables are supported, and QSA adapter is also supported for using SFP.

  4. Are there options to physically isolate data network traffic between applications running inside the POD by using dedicated physical network ports?
    It is not possible to create physically separate data traffic like that.

  5. Does the switch firmware upgrade process supports failover/failback?
    When upgrading switch firmware, only one switch can be upgraded at a time. While this is happening, the other switch in the pair carries the traffic so that applications remain connected.
  6. Does IBM Storage Fusion HCI System include all power and network cables (intra-rack)?
    Yes, all network cables needed within the rack are included. Only the cables needed for the servers ordered are included. However, you need to supply the network cables that connect the IBM Storage Fusion HCI System high-speed switches to your networks switches. For multi-rack appliance, you must purchase cables. For more information about cables and transceivers, see Network cable and transceiver options.
  7. Which Network topology does IBM Storage Fusion HCI System support?
    Currently, the configuration is OpenShift® Container Platform CNI networkType Governesses. IPVLAN is used for the multi-NIC. The two NICs on baremetal are bonded and used for CNI POD network. The NICS are SRIOV compatible, but it is not configured, tuned, or enabled. For more information about network topology, see Network planning.

  8. How does connecting these switches upstream look like? Is there a prerequisite document?
    Network planning is here: configurable 4 x 100GB uplinks to your datacenter switch (see Network topologies and Network cable requirements) Planning and prerequisites.

  9. How many switches are there in IBM Storage Fusion HCI System?
    There are 2 management switches and 2 high-speed switches. These switches are paired via MLAG to form a single logical switches.
  10. What is the switch model for high-speed switch?
    The switch is NVIDIA switch. The switch model is SN3700C.
  11. What is the switch model for management switch?
    The switch is NVIDIA switch. The switch model is AS4610.
  12. Which ports are used for storage network?
    The 100 Gb ports are used for storage network.
  13. Which ports are used for application network?
    The 25 Gb ports are used for application network.
  14. Should the CIDR be unique across sites in Metro sync DR setup?
    Yes, it must be unique. For more details on CIDR, see General Metro-DR prerequisites.
  15. How many spine switches are needed?
    You need two spine switches.
  16. Which ports of the high-speed switch is connected to the spine?
    It is port 17 to 20. If they are in use, then free ports from 17 to 20 and use it for spine switches.