Expansion rack

This section answers questions that are related to expansion rack in IBM Storage Fusion HCI System.

  1. On a base rack with a 4+2p scale cluster, can we add only 3 storage nodes from the expansion rack with 6 storage nodes to OpenShift® Container Platform and reserve the rest of the nodes for future consumption?
    No. To maintain the scale cluster quorum, on a 4+2p scale cluster, all 6 storage nodes must be added to the cluster.
  2. If storage nodes on the initial rack have 4 NVMe drives per node. Can I add nodes with 2 NVMe drives per node to the expansion racks of the cluster?
    No, the base and expansion racks must have the same number of NVMe disks on all nodes.
  3. Can I expand the rack only to increase the compute capacity by using IBM Storage Fusion HCI System expansion multi-rack?
    No, it is not possible to add compute capacity without adding the minimum of six storage nodes. To increase the compute capacity, add them along with minimum required storage nodes.