Volume snapshots

Create, restore, and delete volume snapshots.

A volume snapshot is the state of the storage volume in a cluster at a particular point in time. These snapshots help to use storage more efficiently by not having to make a full copy each time and can be used as building blocks for developing an application.

Volume snapshot class allows an administrator to specify different attributes belonging to a volume snapshot object. The Fusion Data Foundation operator installs default volume snapshot classes depending on the platform in use. The operator owns and controls these default volume snapshot classes and they cannot be deleted or modified.

You can create many snapshots of the same persistent volume claim (PVC) but cannot schedule periodic creation of snapshots.

  • For CephFS, you can create up to 100 snapshots per PVC.
  • For RADOS Block Device (RBD), you can create up to 512 snapshots per PVC.
Note: Persistent Volume encryption now supports volume snapshots.