Installing IBM Storage Fusion On-premises

Procedure to install IBM Storage Fusion on OpenShift® Container Platform that runs on On-premises VMware, On-premises Bare Metal, On-premises Linux on IBM zSystems, and zCX.

Before you begin

  • Ensure you complete all the prerequisites before you proceed with the installation. For the prerequisites, see Prerequisites.
  • If you plan to do an offline installation of IBM Storage Fusion, mirror IBM Storage Fusion, IBM Spectrum Scale, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, Data Foundation, Backup & Restore, and IBM® Spectrum Discover image repositories to your registry. For the actual steps, see Enterprise registry for IBM Storage Fusion installation.
  • To enable IBM Storage Fusion Data Foundation deployed on OpenShift Container Platform version 4.10, ensure a catalogsource named redhat-operators exists in openshift-marketplace with IBM Storage Fusion Data Foundation and LocalStorage packages and their dependency packages.
    kind: CatalogSource
      name: redhat-operators
      namespace: openshift-marketplace
      image: <redhat-operator catalog image available in your enterprise registry>
      sourceType: grpc
    Example value:

About this task

Support is available for only one instance of IBM Storage Fusion per OpenShift Container Platform.


  1. Log in to Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform web management console.
  2. Edit global pull-secret specifying enterprise registry credentials.
  3. Add the IBM Storage Fusion operator catalog.
    kind: CatalogSource
      name: isf-catalog
      namespace: openshift-marketplace
      displayName: ISF Catalog
      image: <isf catalog image available in your enterprise registry>
      publisher: IBM
      sourceType: grpc
          interval: 30m0s
    See the following sample value:
  4. Go to Operators > OperatorHub.
  5. Look for ISF Catalog under OperatorHub.
  6. In the Installation mode, select A specific namespace on the cluster.
    The operator will be available in a single Namespace only.
  7. Select ibm-spectrum-fusion-ns in the Operator recommended namespace. Alternatively, use the Select a namespace option to select an existing namespace or create a new namespace.
  8. Important: Always set Update approval to Manual as IBM Storage Fusion does not support Automatic.
    In the Update approval section, you can select either Manual or Automatic strategy.
    Always set Update approval to Manual because the Automatic option automatically upgrades the operator whenever a new version of the operator is released to the channel. This automatic upgrade might have an impact on your running workloads.
  9. Click Install.
    The installation of the operator begins.
  10. Wait for the operator to complete the installation.
    After the successful installation of the operator, the following message gets displayed:
    Installed operator - succeeded

    Generally, it completes in few minutes. If it takes more time, check whether all pods are up and running.

  11. Open the IBM Storage Fusion user interface. In the OpenShift Container Platform web console, click the Applications icon in the title bar and select IBM Storage Fusion.
    The License agreement page gets displayed.
  12. Go through the license agreement and click I have read and accept the license agreement.
    If you want to download the license agreement copy to your local, click Download a copy.
    The Welcome to IBM Storage Fusion dialog box gets displayed.
  13. Click Install services to install the services right away or click May be later to do it later. For the procedure to enable from IBM Storage Fusion, see Managing services.