Creating a NamespaceStore to use a file system

Create a NamespaceStore to use a file system.

Before you begin

Ensure you have the following:
  • OpenShift Container Platform with Fusion Data Foundation operator installed.
  • Access to the Multicloud Object Gateway (MCG).


  1. Log into the OpenShift Web Console and go to Storage > Data Foundation.
  2. Go to the NamespaceStore tab to create NamespaceStore resources to be used in the namespace bucket.
  3. Click Create namespacestore.
  4. Enter a name for the NamespaceStore.
  5. Choose Filesystem as the provider.
  6. Choose the Persistent volume claim.
  7. Enter a folder name.

    If the folder name exists, then that folder is used to create the NamespaceStore or else a folder with that name is created.

  8. Click Create.
  9. Verify the NamespaceStore is in the Ready state.