Backup and Restore

Using the IBM Storage Fusion Backup & Restore service, you can backup and restore applications and workloads.

Application resources
The workload includes the following data:
  • PVs of the deployed workloads
  • Namespace and cluster scope resources for deployed workloads
Note: The Backup & Restore uses Velero hooks that are present on an application or resource. This means that if your application has hooks, then they are automatically run by Velero at the time of backup or restore.
Storage locations
You can backup your Red Hat® OpenShift® applications to local and object storage target locations, such as IBM Cloud®, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and any S3 Compliant object storage.

Ensure that S3 is not in the same cluster or namespace as IBM Storage Fusion Backup & Restore service. You can plan to use cluster services like MinIO or NooBaa but ensure to host them on different clusters. If your backups are in the same place as your primary data, then the data is not protected.

Backup policies
You can define how often backups are taken, where they get stored, and how long they are retained.

For more information about how to restore applications, see Overview and Restoring an application.

For more information about OpenShift Container Platform applications, see