Running policies

You can configure policies to run at specified or scheduled times, at policy creation time, or when the system is manually started, paused, restarted, or stopped.


To configure a policy to run:

  1. Go to Metadata
  2. Click a policy to select it. The following screen displays:
    Figure 1. Policies table
    Policies table
    From the screen, you can perform the following actions on the selected policy:
    Click the "vertical bars" icon to pause a policy that is running. When a policy is paused, it enters a Paused state. A policy cannot be paused until the current batch that is being processed finishes.
    Click the "right-arrow" icon to resume a paused policy or to start a stopped policy from its beginning. When a policy is started, it enters a Running state.
    Click the "square" icon to stop a policy that is in progress. When a policy is stopped, it enters a Stopped state.

    When a policy completes, it enters a Stopped state. The progress column indicates the success or failure status of the policy. If there are failures, you can examine the per policy execution log files to obtain more details of the failures.

    For more information, see Viewing policies.