Storage cluster creation

The Fusion Data Foundation operators themselves provide no storage functionality, and the desired storage configuration must be defined.

After you install the operators, create a new StorageCluster, using either the Fusion Data Foundation console wizard or the CLI and the ocs-operator reconciles this StorageCluster. Fusion Data Foundation supports a single StorageCluster per installation. Any StorageCluster CRs created after the first one is ignored by ocs-operator reconciliation.

Fusion Data Foundation allows the following StorageCluster configurations:

In the Internal mode, all the components run containerized within the Fusion Data Foundation cluster and uses dynamically provisioned persistent volumes (PVs) created against the StorageClass specified by the administrator in the installation wizard.
This mode is similar to the Internal mode but the administrator is required to define the local storage devices directly attached to the cluster nodes that the Ceph uses for its backing storage. Also, the administrator need to create the CRs that the local storage operator reconciles to provide the StorageClass. The ocs-operator uses this StorageClass as the backing storage for Ceph.
In this mode, Ceph components do not run inside the Fusion Data Foundation cluster instead connectivity is provided to an external Fusion Data Foundation installation for which the applications can create PVs. The other components run within the cluster as required.
MCG Standalone
This mode facilitates the installation of a Multicloud Object Gateway system without an accompanying CephCluster.

After a StorageCluster CR is found, ocs-operator validates it and begins to create subsequent resources to define the storage components.