Paid account access to Docker Hub for Grafana installation and deployment

The default installation configuration for Grafana uses the free account quota to pull images from Docker Hub. If you see that the Grafana POD is in an error state due to image pull error, then it means that you must use a paid account to pull Grafana images from Docker Hub to complete the deployment. You will need to redeploy Grafana by using an API key provided by Docker Hub. If redeployment is not done, then you must wait for few hours till the free quota is reset by Docker Hub and then images can be pulled again.

Complete these steps to for Grafana installation and redeployment.
  1. Log in to Docker. For more information, see Log in to Docker.
  2. Create a Pull Secret. For more information, see Create a Secret based on existing Docker credentials.
  3. Update the pull secret in ServiceAccounts. Do these steps:
    1. Log in to the OpenShift® Container Platform web management console.
    2. Click User Management > ServiceAccounts. The ServiceAccounts page is displayed.
    3. Search for grafana-serviceaccount by Name. Click to open it in the ServiceAccount details page, then click the YAML tab.
    4. Update the secret name under imagePullSecrets. For example, specify the pull secret name as follows.
      name: ibm-spectrum-fusion-registrykey
  4. Go to Workloads > Pods.
  5. Select ibm-spectrum-fusion-ns namespace from the Project list.
  6. Restart the Grafana deployment Pod. You can see that Pods are up and running. The status indicates as Running against each Pod.