Network File System metrics

Before you begin

  • OpenShift Container Platform is installed and you have administrative access to OpenShift Web Console.
  • Ensure that NFS is enabled.

About this task

The Network File System (NFS) metrics dashboard provides enhanced observability for NFS mounts such as the following:
  • Mount point for any exported NFS shares
  • Number of client mounts
  • A breakdown statistics of the clients that are connected to help determine internal versus the external client mounts
  • Grace period status of the Ganesha server
  • Health statuses of the Ganesha server


  1. Click Storage > Data Foundation.
  2. In the Status card of the Overview tab, click Storage System and then click the storage system link from the pop up that appears.
  3. Click the Network file system tab. This tab is available only when NFS is enabled.
    Note: When you enable or disable NFS from command-line interface, you must perform hard refresh to display or hide the Network file system tab in the dashboard.

    The following NFS metrics are displayed:

    Status Card

    This card shows the status of the server based on the total number of active worker threads. Non-zero threads specify healthy status.

    Throughput Card

    This card shows the throughput of the server which is the summation of the total request bytes and total response bytes for both read and write operations of the server.

    Top client Card

    This card shows the throughput of clients which is the summation of the total of the response bytes sent by a client and the total request bytes by a client for both read and write operations. It shows the top three of such clients.