Creating a user in the Multicloud Object Gateway

Before you begin

  • A running Fusion Data Foundation Platform.

  • Download the MCG command-line interface for easier management.
    subscription-manager repos --enable=rh-odf-4-for-rhel-8-x86_64-rpms
    yum install mcg
    Note: Specify the appropriate architecture for enabling the repositories using the subscription manager.
    • For IBM Power, use the following command:
      subscription-manager repos --enable=rh-odf-4-for-rhel-8-ppc64le-rpms
    • For IBM Z infrastructure, use the following command:
      subscription-manager repos --enable=rh-odf-4-for-rhel-8-s390x-rpms
  • Alternatively, you can install the MCG package from the RPMs found at Download Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation page.

    Note: Choose the correct Product Variant according to your architecture.


Run the following command to create an MCG user account:
noobaa account create <noobaa-account-name> [--allow_bucket_create=true] [--allowed_buckets=[]] [--default_resource=''] [--full_permission=false]

Specify the name of the new MCG user account.


Allows the user to create new buckets.


Sets the user’s allowed bucket list (use commas or multiple flags).


Sets the default resource. The new buckets are created on this default resource (including the future ones).


Allows this account to access all existing and future buckets.

Important: You need to provide permission to access at least one bucket or full permission to access all the buckets.