Taint a node from the user interface

This section explains the procedure to taint nodes after the Fusion Data Foundation deployment.


  1. From the OpenShift Web Console, go to Compute > Nodes and then select the node which has to be tainted.
  2. From the Details page, click on Edit taints.
  3. Enter the following values:
    • Key <nodes.openshift.ocs.io/storage>
    • Value <true>
    • Effect <Noschedule>
  4. Click Save.

What to do next

Verify that the node has tainted successfully:
  1. Go to Compute > Nodes.
  2. Select the node to verify its status, and then click on the YAML tab.
  3. In the specs section check the values of the following parameters:
      Key: nodes.openshift.ocs.io/storage
      Value: true
      Effect: Noschedule