Searching system and custom metadata fields

  1. On the Query Builder page, click SQL query.
    1. Enter your query directly and click View results. Use the standard grammar that is used in an SQL query.
    2. Click + icon to select a suggested field from the list that appears, complete your query, and click View results.
    3. Click search History icon and select from the search queries that were previously used.
    4. Modify the query if necessary, and click View results.
    The query language is SQL. The underlying code takes care of certain semantics, for example,
    • Keyword
    • Columns to select
    • Name of the databases
    • Where clause
    • Limits
    • Offsets
    • Order by clauses

    The search clause that is input by the user is only the body of the query that would appear after the where clause and before the limit/offset/order qualifiers.