Data movement with IBM Spectrum Discover and Moonwalk

Policy-based data movement and management with integration of IBM Spectrum® Discover and Moonwalk applications.

Moonwalk data mover application

Moonwalk is a heterogeneous Data Management System. It automates and manages the movement of data from primary storage locations to lower-cost file systems, object stores, tape, or cloud storage services. Files can be moved from source storage locations to target storage locations. These files are demigrated transparently when accessed by a user or an application. Moonwalk also provides capability to copy and move files along with a range of Disaster Recovery options.

Moonwalk provides a data movement application that integrates with IBM Spectrum Discover, enabling to move, copy, or migrate/tier data from the IBM Spectrum Discover user interface.

The moonwalk application is certified against the IBM Spectrum Discover 2.0.4.

For more information about Moonwalk application and integrating the application with IBM Spectrum Discover, see Moonwalk documentation.