Internal mode storage cluster

Both internal and internal-attached storage clusters have the same setup process as follows:

StorageClasses Create the storage classes that cluster applications use to create Ceph volumes.
SnapshotClasses Create the volume snapshot classes that the cluster applications use to create snapshots of Ceph volumes.
Ceph RGW configuration Create various Ceph object CRs to enable and provide access to the Ceph RGW object storage endpoint.
Ceph RBD Configuration Create the CephBlockPool CR to enable RBD storage.
CephFS Configuration Create the CephFilesystem CR to enable CephFS storage.
Rook-Ceph Configuration Create the rook-config-override ConfigMap that governs the overall behavior of the underlying Ceph cluster.
CephCluster Create the CephCluster CR to trigger Ceph reconciliation from rook-ceph-operator. For more information, see Rook-Ceph operator.
NoobaaSystem Create the NooBaa CR to trigger reconciliation from mcg-operator. For more information, see MCG operator.
Job templates Create OpenShift Template CRs that define Jobs to run administrative operations for Fusion Data Foundation.
Quickstarts Create the QuickStart CRs that display the quickstart guides in the Web Console.