/auth/v1/collections/<collection_ID>/groups: GET

Gets a list of the user groups that can access a collection.

The following table shows which roles can access this REST API endpoint:
Table 1. Access by role
Data admin Data user Collection Admin Admin Service user
Χ 1 Χ
1 The specified collection must be one that is assigned to the requesting user ID. If no collection is assigned, then the command fails with error 403, "Not authorized".

Synopsis of the request URL

curl -k  -H ‘Authorization: Bearer <token>’ https://<spectrum_discover_host>/auth/v1/collections/<collection_ID>/groups

Supported request types and response formats

Supported request types:
  • GET
Supported response formats:
  • JSON


The following example shows how to get details of user groups that belong to a specific collection.

curl -k  -H ‘Authorization: Bearer <token>’ https://<spectrum_discover_host>/auth/v1/collections/a51f84bfeb034b12a9a362109d78bec3/groups 


(200 OK): 
        "description": "",
        "domain_id": "default",
        "id": "d1c1f64d62df4585ad8c76b345e0a651",
        "name": "test-group-1"